Deadly Beat

Deadly Beat - Singkawang Hardcore Metal - Pakaw
DEADLYBEAT initiate steps of a simple stage and brought the hardcore music precisely on January 31, 2009 at Singkawang city, West Borneo – Indonesia. Deadlybeat start contributing to the communities in Singkawang especially with 2 single ”Singkawang Chaos & Dendam Hitam”. From here, we would trying to prove maturity Deadlybeat to channel the aspirations and started a movement of the imbalances that occur around the existing scope.

Until now, Deadlybeat still trying to realize an album ”DEAD ON MY BEAT” that long-planned, but so many things that hinder the presence of this album, hopefully in the coming year 2013, the target release of the album Dead On My Beat that already Deadlybeat mind to be realized.

Line-up of Deadly Beat :
Izoel: Vox
Ewan : Guitar
Erry Chaotic: Bass
Ridwan : Drum
xONx : Additional Guitar

Influenced by: Hatebreed, Madball, Born From Pain, Terror, Come Back Kid, As I lay dying, Awaken Demons, etc.
Deadly Beat contribute to their musicality with their 2nd single "Singkawang Chaos" is one proof of maturity DB (Deadlybeat) in music as well as appreciation and love of the community in Singkawang.

Performance : 
  • Opening Act Burgerkill on Stage/ Pontianak 18 Desember ,2010
  • Never Stop Riot feat Injected/ Pontianak 23 Januari ,2010
  • Singkawang Bersatu/ Singkawang 13 November ,2010
  • Singkawang Reborn Compilation/ Singkawang 08 Juni, 2010
  • Uras Bergerak/ Singkawang 31 Januari 2009
  • Kantong Kresek Feat Jeruji West Borneo Tour/Singkawang 28 Juni, 2010
  • Etc,..

For more Info, Visit Deadly Beat Official Sites below :

Contact Person :
Izoel D-13
Email :
Phone : 085654446889
Facebook : Izoel Deadlybeat

Erry cHaOtic
Email :
Phone : +6289693322232
Facebook : Erry cHaOtic

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