Fatal 4Way - Sisi Tengah [Gigs]

singkawang underground

Bands Perform :
Synthetics Syndrome
Fight For Free
Lady Roses
Never Down
Sagi Lima Pantak
Monster Fighter
Mosh Fight
Water Cannon
Slethink Doll
Youth Revenge
Farting Lizard
Hits Streak
Stand Fight
Standing To Victory
Long Time No See
Lullaby For Erina

Saturday - May, 18 2013
2 PM - End
Live at Parking Lot Kridasana
Tickets : IDR. 5K

singkawang underground

Backward Strenght

backward strenght

A band that started the pace with a passion for enliven in particular underground music scene in the Singkawang city. By carrying Hardcore / Punk music, finally some young spirit was born in the formation of the band called "Backward Strenght". Backward Strenght up since 5 October 2012, to be exact Singkawang city.

Line-up of Backward Strenght :

backward strenght

For More Info, Visit Backward Strenght Official Page below :

Contact Person/Booking Agent :

Singkawang Bersatu #4 - URAS [Gigs]

In commemoration of World AIDS Day, URAS Enterprise held the "Singkawang Bersatu #4" on December 1, 2012 at Outdoor Kridasana Stadium Singkawang, West Borneo - Indonesia. In this event filled with several bands Punk, Hardcore, Metal from Singkawang, Pontianak, Mempawah, etc..

As for some of the band in action at the "Singkawang Bersatu #4 Gigs" : Hit Streake, Chaos Dr, Gerilya, Gubuk Daun, Rise Of Bullshit, Sletink Doll, Under Fighting, Spartan, Kelamin Ganda, Youth Revenge, Sagi 5 Pantak, Ngidam 21, Mogsa, Farting Lizard, Slater, Backward Strength, The Bunker, Comberan Kotor, Fight With Pride, etc..

Despite the slight obstacle of the rainy weather, but the Singkawang Bersatu #4 Gigs still running smoothly. Here's a little overview of the show "Singkawang Bersatu #4" :
singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu

singkawang bersatu


barol hardcore
BAROL is a Hardcore band from the Manado city, North Sulawesi - Indonesia. Barol start their movements since 20 April 2012. The name of Barol derives from Manado local language, North Sulawesi, which means "People who do/defending the truth".

Line-up of BAROL :
Nicky : Vocal
Mika : Bass
Jacky : Gitar
Alan : Drum

BAROL start their step by releasing their first single entitled "Thank God". To download their songs, please through their official pages below.

barol hardcore

For more info, Visit BAROL Official Page Below :

Contact Person/Booking Agent :
Phone : 085298184575

UNDER FIGHTING - Singkawang City Hardcore [Video]

under fighting
Now it's time Under Fighting comes through visual media, Under Fighting has release a Video clip of their debut "Singkawang City Hardcore (SCHC)". This video was made ​​at the time on the gigs organized by the United Rebellion Anarchy Singkawang (URAS) with the theme of "Mata Rantai" is located at Mess Daerah Singkawang, West Borneo - Indonesia. Watch this live video from Under Fighting - Singkawang City Hardcore (SCHC) :

More Info About Under Fighting :

UNDER FIGHTING Official Page :

Video Create by :
Editor : Chaotic
Camera : Chaotic & Ewan Bruanx

DEADLYBEAT - No Pain [Live Video]

Here is live video from DEADLYBEAT when perform at Outdoor Nineteen Cafe Pontianak with a theme "There's Nothing Impossible" proudly present by Stay Here Production. Deadlybeat feel very proudly to attend and participate in this gigs. Watch this live video from Deadlybeat -  No Pain :

See More :

Or Deadlybeat Official Page :
Deadlybeat On Tumblr
Deadlybeat On Twitter
Deadlybeat On Facebook
Deadlybeat On Reverbnation
Deadlybeat On My Space

Singkawang Bersatu #3 - URAS [Gigs]

Singkawang Bersatu 3 - URAS - United Rebellion Anarchy Singkawang

United Rebellion Anarchy Singkawang

Bands included :
Trash Hero
Slething Doll
Disorder System
Fight With Pride
One Step Before
Syntetic Syndrome
Gubuk Daun
Big Mouth
Battle Of Strength

19 November 2011 | 10.00 - End
At Aula SMKN 1 Singkawang - West Borneo - Indonesia
HTM : IDR 5.000

Supported By :
Singkawang Underground
[United Rebellion Anarchy Singkawang]

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  • D' Problem
  • Gematria
  • Slater
  • JustMine
  • Barol
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