Ngidam 21

Ngidam 21 - Singkawang Skinhead Punk - Pakaw
NGIDAM 21 is a band that originated from Singkawang, West Borneo, Indonesia. Ngidam 21 comes with a carrying Oi! Skinheads. The presence of Ngidam 21 influenced by Sex Pistols, Sham 69, The 4-Skins, Oi! Ramones, Marginal, Revoltskins, moneylenders, Saffaranskins, and all Punk n' Skins.

Ngidam 21 was begin their movement in the Underground community, especially Singkawang Underground in the mid-year 2005.

Line-up of Ngidam 21 on initially filled by Rian Bootboys (Vocal), Faizal (Guitar), Randy "Jon" Sazani (Bass) and Bams Apathy (Drums). Over time, formations of Ngidam 21 has evolved. So now formations of Ngidam 21 strengthened by the Workers' Loud are: Rian Bootboys (Vocal), E-Qi (Guitar), Arbi (Bass), Bams Apathy (Drums).

Ngidam 21 formed on the base of togetherness in addressing life to each other, to convey a message is a refusal or acceptance and hope after what their felt, seen, touched, and heard faced everyday. Ngidam 21 now will remain present to continue to walk together in order to remain secure a peaceful and tranquil life.
Ngidam 21 - Singkawang Skinhead Punk - Pakaw

Video of Ngidam 21 :

For more information, visit Ngidam 21 Official Website below :
NGIDAM 21 on Facebook

Contact Person :
Rian BootBoys
Email :
Phone : 085345337833
Facebook : Rian BootBoys Oi

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