JustMine - Singkawang Experimental Indie Pop - Pakaw
JustMine is a Indie Pop band from Singkawang - West Borneo, Indonesia which started their steps through the events, especially local music. Music is their stretcher rather Experimental Indie Pop genre with his trademark style "JustMine" well sure, coupled with the lyrics and musical arrangements are simple so you can easily digest our listener community. But there is no denying that every band must have its own influence, like JustMine was inspired by several top bands such as Coldplay, The Killers, Mew, Keane, The Temper Trap, Angels and airwaves, U2 and many others.

JustMine beginning of the formation of the band was started from the event-local music festival in West Borneo, on the 17th of August 2008, with a very fitting celebration of Independence Day of Indonesia.

At first the formation of the band by the name of a previously JustMine each of its personnel all different directions until finally discovering the meaning of one's strength and vision of the future together JustMine. "JustMine" is a merger of the meaning of words and our words so that eventually it can be concluded that this progress JustMine trip, or literally JustMine is "just want to have (anyone)".
"JustMine" want to be a special part that is easy to have in his works (not to plow for the advancement of music in Indonesia).

With a variety of obstacles and hurdles that they went through, both in terms of formation changes the band has ever happened. Departure of some personnel from JustMine like Nian (vocals), Boy (guitar), and Derry (vocals). And several other obstacles such as had ever been a time when the situation is quite heavy to run so nearly threatened broke up, but slowly all of these obstacles can be passed with optimism.
JustMine - Singkawang Experimental Indie Pop - First Video - Pakaw

When these new formations JustMine are :
Vocals = Sandi
Guitar = Ade
Bass = Ezha
Keyboard/Synth = Dedy
Drum = Nicky

JustMine also has a variety of obstacles in the process of recording so as to make progress the old songs from the circulation of this JustMine. But ultimately this JustMine songs can be enjoyed by lovers of music-lovers.

The process of recording the songs JustMine on done by the  struggle from personnel of JustMine itself, starting from the track, mixing, mastering to be done by personnel of JustMine own. Although the spot and improvised equipment, but the outcome of the process of recording the songs simple JustMine is no less competitive with top-class records. And finally their songs covered by their own Label Records is JustMine Studio.

Hopefully with the presence of this JustMine can enliven the world of Indonesia Music in particular. And can entertain the ears of music lovers, especially lovers of pop music.

Here's the Prime Clip Video from JustMine - Hate You

For download JustMine songs, click DOWNLOAD HERE

For Info & booking, Please through :
Contact Person

Ade (085751700065) - Sandi (085245736212)
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/JustMinePop
Reverbnation : http://www.reverbnation.com/jmine

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