Gematria - Singkawang Metalcore - Pakaw
Gematria! just a horrible idea from the four heads on students of Metal. Equipped Randi (vocals), Son (guitar), Adam (drums), and Reza (bass).
Gematria concocting bang, scream, shrill and a variety of noise in their music. Before that, existence of a cryptic Gematria has commenced since the four friends are friendly, often share the noise famous bands like LOG, AILD, SS, PTH, SK, DS (THEY ALL TOO GREAT FOR WE READ) and others.

Then later at 10.01.10, after spend exercise duration 2 hours, their friendship were blossom into a band form. that then they resonance as Gematria.

And brought the music more often they called METAL METAL, Gematria were start and sincerely hope it can become a serious threat in the wild noise rock music!

Gematria - Singkawang Metalcore - Pakaw

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Facebook : Randi Sazani

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