Out Now - The First Album From "Under Fighting"

Under Fighting - Free Download First Album Under Fighting - Pakaw
Out Now the first album from "Under Fighting". Under Fighting which consists of five young rebel who would like to express their aspirations through hardcore music, especially oldschool hardcore.
Line-up of Under Fighting :
Dhean – Vocal
Juli – 6 Strings Fast
Vandi – 6 Strings
Demas – 4 Strings
Viki – Beat Drum

Under Fighting was standing a year ago, precisely in mid-2010 in Singkawang City Hardcore. With their existence in local communities and always actively participated in almost every local gigs, Under Fighting was finally able to resolve some of their own songs until collected in a mini-album.
And the album was finally free distributed to you all and especially for those of you hardcore music lovers, you can add one more reference to your music from Under Fighting.

New Debut Album From Under Fighting
Track List :
  • Under Fighting - Bangkit Bersama
  • Under Fighting - Hardcore It's True
  • Under Fighting - Loser
  • Under Fighting - Singkawang City Hardcore (S.C.H.C)
  • Under Fighting - Stand Up

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More info about UNDER FIGHTING :
Visit Under Fighting Official Page :

Contact Person :
Email : uf_hc@yahoo.com
Phone : 083151104188 / 085754104374
Facebook : Dhean Haritaning

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